Comics for the Week of 1/6/2019

This week had a couple more comics than last week! In addition to five comics, I also released the first episode of Coffee With Ash, which you can find here. The first episode is free, but hopefully you’ll consider becoming a Patreon supporter! Okay, here are the week’s comics!

dnd comic
A comic for DMs who forget how to use words.
pokemon comic
Art asks questions! Can Pokemon wear bikinis?
rpg comic
A final boss waiting for a good time.
pokemon comic
Mt. Moon #2 (Mr. Mime wears pants)
pokemon comic
Mt. Moon #3 (Red comes out as trans)

Thanks for reading! Those are all the comics for this week! There is also the second page of Pool! It’s my ongoing fantasy comic with original characters! You can find it over on Patreon! It updates EVERY week! Other than that, I wanna thank everyone for all the support this week of 2019! It’s been awesome, and I’m super excited to continue making comics! Cya next week!

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