Basement Songs – An Album by Ashlynn Barker (of FGG Comics)

Hey I wrote/recorded a new album of lo-fi folk music!

lofi music

“Basement Songs is a compilation of small songs written June-October 2018. Some songs were recorded in a basement in the suburbs, and some were recorded in a Chicago apartment. Most of the songs are pretty lo-fi and weird singer/songwriter things. Hopefully, these songs will make your day better. Thanks for taking the time to let me share some songs with you!”

Check out the song “Home World” below!

Check it the full albumĀ here!

Shuffle Girl #1

trans comic

Thanks so much for all the support! Shuffle Girl Issue #1 is a patreon-exclusive comic for all of y’all. I really wanted to make something that felt nostalgic and fun. I used to make comics like this with my little brother, and it makes me really happy that I get to share this weird thing with y’all! I also wrote it to be trans-positive and there’s gay folx, and a supportive-grandpa ghost. I’m really happy with it! Keep sharing the page with your friends! Thanks! <3

You can support us on patreon and read the comic here.