An Interview with Sophie Labelle, Assigned Male Comics

Sophie Labelle is one of the most well-known transgender comic artists out there. I was familiar with her work back when I first transitioned, and I’m pretty sure most trans people are. Her comics are generally about trans kids and adults spreading trans positivity, and Assigned Male, Sophie’s comic, has been shared all over the internet. Not only is she an accomplished artist and writer, but Sophie has been one of the biggest supporters of Fake Gamer Girl Comics! It’s been a really awesome year, and today, I’m glad I have the chance to do an email interview with Sophie!

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An Interview with Sabrina Symington

trans interview

So this month, I got a chance to interview Sabrina Symington, a transgender comic artist! She illustrates and writes Life of Bria, which is a long-running comic about transgender issues. It’s one of those comics that has randomly popped up in my feed for the last few years, so I’m pretty familiar with her work. I’m super excited that Sabrina was able to take some time to answer a few questions! Okay, here’s the interview!

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An Interview with Bobby Schroeder, Creator of Super Lesbian Animal RPG


I am beyond excited this week to be talking to Bobby Schroeder, the creator of Super Lesbian Animal RPG (SLARPG), an upcoming game that’s a love letter to old school JRPGs, and It’s also full of trans and gay characters that happen to be cute animals. I’ve been following the development of this game loosely since it was announced, and I cannot wait to play it! Currently, a demo is available here.

In the interview, Bobby talks about how MLP helped her with gender feels, what anime she watches, and how she makes SLARPG! Okay, here’s that interview!

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An Interview with Riley DeHority

nonbinary interview

Today, I am interviewing my friend Riley DeHority. I’ve known them through the online trans/nonbinary music scene for a few years. That community seems super small and tightly knit, so I’ve seen their stuff pop up on social media a lot! Their music, Empty Disco, is really cute, Americana-y and folksy. They also play in numerous other bands, and are working on making music videos. I’m super excited to have them talk about their stuff!

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An Interview with Aim Ren

trans interview

This is the first in a series of interviews with transgender content creators and artists. This week, I am interviewing Aim Ren,  freelance illustrator. We both live in Chicago currently, which has a really big, diverse trans community. We have yet to get coffee in person, but Aim answered a few questions about transition and art over email! Okay, here’s my interview with Aim Ren! Continue reading “An Interview with Aim Ren”