An Interview with LantixPro, Indie Game Developer

This week, I am interviewing a few folks from LantixPro, an indie game developer. They just released Digital Lovin’, a new shooting/dating sim game about breaking down code and building new relationships!

FGG: Hey! Thanks for letting me do this interview! Can you all introduce yourselves, and how you identify?

Maddie: I’m Maddie Blue! Although, I sometimes go by Mattie Ramirez, professionally; closer to my birth name n’ all. I’m a poly bisexual trans girl! Woo!

Morgan: I’m Morgan Blue! I’m a nonbinary ace lesbian.

Haley: I’m Haley! But my friends tend to call me Saph. I’m an asexual aromantic lesbian and questioning my gender.

FGG: How did you get into game design? Did you start with a certain program?

Maddie: Well really… I’ve been creative ever since I was young, and ever since I was in first grade I would put together comics and stories and all sorts of stuff! By the time third grade rolled around, the Smash Bros. games were popular again and I really latched onto the idea of creating a Smash Bros. type crossover for all the characters I created. That initial idea led me to start looking into game development programs, and kinda spurred my interest! I started with the easy stuff, online flash game makers like Sploder. I think around 2011-2012, I really started getting into this program called Construct 2, it was easy to pick up and I’ve stuck with it ever since. I’ve tried a lot of other programs, but Construct 2 was the best for me, I think. It can be hard for me to retain loads of information, and it’s something you can pick up after months of not using it. It’s actually been interesting to see how far I’ve come, in terms of learning how to use the program and having taught myself all the complex nuances.

Morgan: I actually started to help out my sister, I don’t actually do anything with programming but I write script, make music, and brainstorm.

FGG: What’s the first game you made?

Maddie: I guess it depends on what counts! I always attribute the first game I ever made to Sage’s Dungeon, a version of the Construct 2 Basic Tutorial that I continued to work on for months, and used it to teach myself new things. It was basically a game where you play as Jake in a dungeon made by Sage (based on Michael’s characters), and you have to fight zombies to earn points to be able to buy stuff and unlock doors to advance. Nothing too original but… I was very proud of it at the time! I used to make a ton of youtube videos and post the game online everywhere. It’s no longer available, but I plan to release it soon; for old-times sake. Although, the first game I ever made might have been a Sploder game bluntly titled “Attack,”

Haley: Maddie’s “Digital Lovin” is the first game I’ve helped write.

Morgan: Digital Lovin’ is the first game I’ve ever worked on!

FGG: What’s your favorite indie game? Are there any game studios or creators that inspire you?

Maddie: Oh man… one of the ones that really inspired me for a while was Undertale. It was so aesthetically pleasing and managed to convey so much emotion in every scene; for a while it was a level of art I hoped to one day achieve. LISA was another game that inspired me in a similar way, though I felt as if I could only play it once. The Binding of Isaac is a pretty good one too.
Although I know it probably isn’t plausible, I do inspire to one day be like Nintendo…

Morgan: I’m not much of a gamer, a few disabilities I have make it really hard

FGG: Your newest game Digital Lovin’ features a trans protagonist which is awesome! Do you make it a goal to have good representation in your games?

Morgan: Of course!

Maddie: Yeah! As time goes on, I’ve found that it’s become more and more important to include queer and non-white characters as character of major roles within my games wherever I can; because I think that it’s important that people like us (for me Hispanic and queer) have characters we can relate to and see ourselves in, and help normalize the idea that we… exist! And that we deserve to be loved and have fun just like anyone else! I know that whenever a character I love is revealed as a trans girl, it makes me happy (nearly cried once!), and I genuinely hope I can pass that feeling on to another young trans girl some day, I want to make people happy with my games.

FGG: Do you have any big projects coming up?

Haley: Maybe, maybe not ~☆

Maddie: Well, I’m planning to re-release remastered versions of two old games that we had previously released, Cherry Bomb Blast and Space Race, on May 28th. Then in June, I plan to release another game called Planet Protector, alongside a variety of old LantixPro Games that will be available for old-times sake; quite a lot of games that I never got around to finishing, sadly.
After that? I have a couple of bigger games I’m working on, such as possible horror game that utilizes the gameboy aesthetic, but I don’t want to go to deep into anything just yet. c;

FGG: Do you remember Neopets? Did you have an account?

Haley: I do remember neopets! I didn’t have an about though, I was all over Webkinz.

Maddie: I remember that! I remember that I made a few accounts, although I never really got into it. Or understood it. I just liked the cute animals. To be honest… I’m a Club Penguin gal!

FGG: Is there any other media (movie, tv, books, yaknow) you’re really into right now?

Maddie: Well, I’ve pretty much been obsessed with Evangelion since I first saw it a few years back, and I’ve been recently been getting into Danganronpa! It’s been uh… a wild ride. I haven’t really been into much recently, but with the free-time I’ll be getting soon… I wanna get back into shows and books!

Haley: I’ve always loved reading! I used to write books as a kid, and now I’m helping the LantixPro developers write for some games.

What does the immediate future look like for LantixPro?

Maddie: It’s been looking up! We’ve struggled to get off the ground a few times, but this time around I’m really working hard to get LantixPro out there! LantixPro is something I’ve devoted my life to, and it’s so fulfilling to finally be recognized and be getting out there! Hopefully, over time, more and more people will know about us and support the things that we do and make! Since I’m about to start working on LantixPro full-time within the next few months, I really think we’re getting somewhere and hope people enjoy the content I create.

Thanks for giving us the chance to do this interview! It means a lot to us, and we can’t thank you enough.

FGG: Thanks again for taking the time to do this interview, y’all! Good luck with everything coming up!

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