An Interview with Dani Canchola

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Every week at Fake Gamer Girl Comics, I interview a trans content creator/artist. Today, I am interviewing Dani Canchola, a musician and visual artist. Her band, The Hecks, released a synthpunk split last year that is really fun and it’s also name-your-price! In the interview, she talks about her transition and her art! Thanks for reading!

How do you identify and what pronouns do you prefer?

I’m a transwoman and my pronouns are she/her

Where were you living when you came out? How did your family handle the transition?

I was living in my own house with roommates. My family has been incredibly supportive and kind through the whole process.

What kind of art are you interested in making at the moment?

I haven’t stopped making music since I started about six years ago but I’ve been getting a lot more into painting and visual art as well as writing.

What kind of media are you enjoying? (video games, movies, music, etc)

I just recently finished the mad max game which got me back into video games for the first time in awhile. As far as music I’ve been listening to a lot, but I’ve been listening to the Black Panther soundtrack and that new St. Vincent album like every day

What are some of your influences in music?

My band The Hecks has some eclectic inspirations. Specifically 60’s-70’s early punk stuff, Oingo Boingo and electronic dancey stuff.

Do you have a certain moment that made you realize you wanted to come out or inspired you?

I had known for awhile that I was a girl inside. Not in the words I know but I knew somewhere in me that I wasn’t living the way I was meant too and sadly it took losing a really close friend who was also a transwoman to realize how life or death my situation was and that I wouldn’t be happy unless I came out and lived my life as a woman.

If you’re on hormones, etc, did you go through a therapist? Informed Consent?

I’ve been on hormones for about five month with informed consent which I didn’t even know was a thing until I met my doctor.

Do you have any resources you’d like to share?

The main resources I had were mostly just really supportive friends and family. I wish I could share them. They helped me so much.

Do you have any trans role models?

The classics, Wendy Carlos, Marsha P. Johnson and all the trans people who fight for visibility just by existing.

What are you excited about in 2018?

I’m really excited to go on a short tour in April and I’ll be moving out of my hometown this Summer.

How is your community in the city you live in?

It could definitely be better though I am very disconnected from most people here I know there is a small community of beautiful queer people doing a lot of amazing things.

What is the one thing you’d want if you had the money? (piece of gear, computer, tv, idk, a leather jacket)

Probably a new synth. I’ve had my eye on one for awhile now.

Any links for your art? Anything else you’d like to share?

You can listen to The Hecks at and I post some of my art over at

Thanks again for doing the interview, Dani!

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