An Interview with Aim Ren

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This is the first in a series of interviews with transgender content creators and artists. This week, I am interviewing Aim Ren,  freelance illustrator. We both live in Chicago currently, which has a really big, diverse trans community. We have yet to get coffee in person, but Aim answered a few questions about transition and art over email! Okay, here’s my interview with Aim Ren!

(The above image is “Go, Go, Go!”. Digital Painting, 2017.)

How do you identify and what pronouns do you prefer?

Hey! I’m Aim Ren and I’m a transman. I use he/his or they/them pronouns.

-Where were you living when you came out? How did your family handle the transition?

I was living in Marquette, MI when I came out. My transition has been very slow, and I have kept my family updated through most of it (I wasn’t living with them). They have been very supportive.

-What kind of art are you interested in making at the moment?

I’m a freelance illustrator with a focus on zines and comics!

-What kind of media are you enjoying? (video games, movies, music, etc)

Honestly, I read a lot of (queer) poetry and watch a lot of media and culture essays on Youtube.

-Do you have a certain moment that made you realize you wanted to come out or inspired you?

Yes. My finally push was while I was looking through the book “Beyond Magenta” and realized “Trans men are a thing.” It kind of all clicked. I didn’t know I was allowed to be trans up until that point- the media I was presented with that depicted trans people was very focused on trans women, and rarely kindly.

-If you’re on hormones, etc, did you go through a therapist? Informed Consent?

Informed Consent via Howard Brown. Currently seven months on T, started at a .5 dose and now at .4.

– Do you have any resources you’d like to share?

Not directly. All I can say is get involved in your local community, and if you don’t know if you have one- form one.

-Do you have any trans role models?

Jackson Bird (youtube) and Rian Sygh (comic artist).

-What are you excited about in 2018?

I have a lot of big projects, a few wrapping up and few just starting. I have an amazing core group of friends and my life feels pretty stable. I’m just here to soak that all in and give back the resources that have been given to me.

-How is your community in the city you live in?

Amazing. Expansive. Overwhelming.

-What’s your favorite place?

The Yoop.

– What is the one thing you’d want if you had the money? (piece of gear, computer, tv, idk, a leather jacket)

A diverse investment portfolio.

– Any links for your art? Anything else you’d like to share?

Portfolio • Twitter • Instagram • Facebook • Ko-fi 

I will be at Chicago Zine Fest May 19th – come see me!

– Thanks Aim for doing the interview!

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