An Interview with Bobby Schroeder, Creator of Super Lesbian Animal RPG


I am beyond excited this week to be talking to Bobby Schroeder, the creator of Super Lesbian Animal RPG (SLARPG), an upcoming game that’s a love letter to old school JRPGs, and It’s also full of trans and gay characters that happen to be cute animals. I’ve been following the development of this game loosely since it was announced, and I cannot wait to play it! Currently, a demo is available here.

In the interview, Bobby talks about how MLP helped her with gender feels, what anime she watches, and how she makes SLARPG! Okay, here’s that interview!

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Shuffle Girl #1

trans comic

Thanks so much for all the support! Shuffle Girl Issue #1 is a patreon-exclusive comic for all of y’all. I really wanted to make something that felt nostalgic and fun. I used to make comics like this with my little brother, and it makes me really happy that I get to share this weird thing with y’all! I also wrote it to be trans-positive and there’s gay folx, and a supportive-grandpa ghost. I’m really happy with it! Keep sharing the page with your friends! Thanks! <3

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chicago comic

April 1st, 2016 was my two year anniversary of moving to Chicago! Here’s a comic to celebrate that!