Pool Prologue (An Original Fantasy Comic)

Over on Patreon, I have an ongoing, weekly, fantasy comic called Pool. It follows the adventures of Princess Orzo, a salty princess looking for adventure, and Benji, a down-on-her-luck butch half-orc. While that story is just getting started, I thought I’d share a short prologue with everyone! Here’s the complete 5 pages!

scifi comic
We meet two gods, Jin and Oreon, and their ship.
scifi comic
Oreon is bored. Jin is not.
scifi comic
Pool is at peace. Oreon reminisces.
scifi comic
Oreon invents something.
scifi comic
Jin decides to roll the die.

Thanks for reading! The events of this prologue lead dirctly into the weekly series over on Patreon! Hopefully, you’ll check it out and allow me to keep telling a weird story! Sharing this prologue is also super helpful! As always, please let me know your thoughts on the comic!

Comics for the Week of 1/6/2019

This week had a couple more comics than last week! In addition to five comics, I also released the first episode of Coffee With Ash, which you can find here. The first episode is free, but hopefully you’ll consider becoming a Patreon supporter! Okay, here are the week’s comics!

dnd comic
A comic for DMs who forget how to use words.
pokemon comic
Art asks questions! Can Pokemon wear bikinis?
rpg comic
A final boss waiting for a good time.
pokemon comic
Mt. Moon #2 (Mr. Mime wears pants)
pokemon comic
Mt. Moon #3 (Red comes out as trans)

Thanks for reading! Those are all the comics for this week! There is also the second page of Pool! It’s my ongoing fantasy comic with original characters! You can find it over on Patreon! It updates EVERY week! Other than that, I wanna thank everyone for all the support this week of 2019! It’s been awesome, and I’m super excited to continue making comics! Cya next week!

Coffee With Ash #1 (A New Podcast for Patrons!)

Hey y’all! Here’s the first episode of Coffee With Ash, a monthly podcast where I talk about video games, comics, music, coffee, AND I answer questions from readers! It’ll be another little perk of supporting me on Patreon, for just $3 a month, the price of a coffee!¬†After this, the episodes will only be on Patreon!

podcast cover

This episode covers my recent video gaming, my Pokemon team, my favorite video game console controller, AND I play a little cover of a Daniel Johnston song! With your input, this little podcast could be a lotta fun! Thanks for listening! 

Coffee With Ash #1

If you wanna support me on Patreon and get more episodes of Coffee With Ash, AND exclusive comics, go on over to my Patreon!

Comics for the Week of 12/30/2018

It’s 2019! Here’s the comics I released the week of 12/30/2018! In addition to a couple of the usual style of comics, there’s the first Mt. Moon comic, an ongoing Pokemon comic for 2019!

new years comic
New Year 2019!
trans comic
Does cutting your own bangs ever go out of style?
pokemon comic
Mt. Moon #1

That’s all the comics for this week! If you want to support the comics, check out our Patreon! In addition to supporting me, you gain access to an exclusive fantasy comic, called POOL! It follows the adventures of a butch orc and a salty princess, and it only updates on Patreon! Thanks for reading!